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NAD & NAD+ IV Therapy & Treatment

Anti-aging & Neurogenerative

NAD and NAD+ occur naturally in the body. They play a major role in the chemical process of generating energy. NAD+ is probably the most important co-factor for improving mitochondrial function.

NAD regenerative therapy has a wide range of benefits, one of which is the simplicity and convenience of the treatment process.



  • Mental clarity

  • Alertness

  • Memory

  • Concentration


How does NAD treatment work:

NAD encourages new connections in the brain resulting in heightened senses and clarity of thought.

Scientists at Harvard Medical School have found a way to use NAD in the  reversing of  accumulated DNA damage. NAD activates the enzyme responsible for DNA repair.

NAD can be ingested a few different ways but the most effective way to get the maximum benefit is to take the NAD intravenously, which bypasses the digestive system. Facilitating the intravenous dispensation of NAD is what Dr. Milgram has done more often (and for a longer time) then just about anyone else.

The intravenous sessions typically last 2-6 hours at first, because in the initial stage we are giving you the largest dose of the NAD. After the first couple of days, the dispensation sessions get progressively shorter.

IV NAD+ For Athletic Performance.

One of the most exciting topics about NAD is how it might affect athletic performance. We already know that NAD+ works to quickly repair cells throughout body and neurons in the brain. We also know that it is an essential coenzyme and found throughout every cell of the body. NAD+ is responsible for thousands of biochemical reactions throughout the body and is especially involved in DNA repair and energy production within the mitochondria of each cell.


NAD+ helps convert nutrition into energy by transferring electrons during cellular metabolism. Our bodies need a constant supply of NAD+ in order to facilitate repair of damaged DNA. This is especially true for mitochondrial DNA.


Some animal studies have shown that boosting NAD+ levels and availability may protect skeletal muscle from age-related metabolic decline.

Fatigue can be defined as a decrease in skeletal muscle contraction ability due to intense muscle activity. Fatigue is associated with several physiological factors including reduced neural input and disruptive metabolic changes in skeletal muscle such as overproduction of oxidative free radicals and lactic acidosis.


Studies show that before one reaches exhaustion, NADH levels rise while levels of NAD+ decrease in blood and muscle. An increase in NADH levels in the presence of decreased ATP (as occurs in fatigue) suggests the transfer of electrons from NADH may be compromised, thus impeding muscle performance resulting in fatigue.


Increased levels of NADH in the presence of decreased ATP that occurs in fatigue may be due to a compromise in electron transfer from NADH which in turn impairs muscle performance.


Fatigue and exhaustion increase oxidative stress and free radicals during exercise.

The study concluded that supplementation that increase blood and muscle levels of NAD+ may enhance endurance by reducing oxidative stress-induced suppression of aerobic respiration.

Can the NAD+ IV drip be used in an IV Party?

Yes. The NAD+ IV drip can be used in IV parties, health meetups, and other social and health events.

* Always speak with your doctor when taking any new medication or supplementation. Always bring a list of medications or any other products you are taking with you for your healthcare provider to look over. If you experience any signs of overdose, seek medical attention immediately. 

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